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Aluminum Mobile Home “Roof-Over System”  This system guards against the effects of water and wind damage while increasing the R-value of the home by as much as 97%!
These roof-overs are manufactured with pans that have a baked on enamel finish. RSI also uses double-sided foil backed Styrofoam for the highest R-value possible.
The RSI roof-over system triple seals the roof with three protective layers: two full inches of foam insulation, vent guard tape, and aluminum pans with a baked on enamel finish. It is important to note that there are no holes drilled through the surface of the roof.
R-Value is the Goverment’s method of evaulating products for thermal performance, the larger the number the greater the insulation value. (e.g., R-24 is better than R-19)
The typical mobile home roof provides an R-Value of 12.39. When the unit is insulated with 11/16″ double sided foil-backed foam, the R-Value can increase to 19.22 and increase of 55%. When we install 2 full inches of double foil-backed foam insulation, the R-value can increase to 24.43, an increase of 97%. Remember the higher the R-Value the more energy efficient your home.
  • Custom-fitted to your home… wide selection of trim colors
  • Guard against the effects of water and wind damage
  • Guard against costly repair bills
  • Guard against outside noise
  • And save energy and money

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