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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is devoted to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about construction and especially our services and products at RSI. There might even be some rants and raves about  things in general such as the US Government spending, societal moral decay, etc.

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Recommended Professionals Tab

This might be a good time to tell you about our “Recommended Professionals Tab”, I am constantly asked about who I would recommend for services in our Stillwater, OK area. Over the years I have used dozens of service professionals and companies, some I would not recommend to an enemy and others I want to rave about. Our list consist of people or companies we have used and trusted – be it a plumber or even an accountant. /Gary

Let me give you an example: I just visited with a gentleman who has a rental mobile home here in Stillwater but lives in Tulsa. He had a leak in a bathroom sink and called a plumber from the local yellow pages. The plumber said he was the best in town and would treat him fair. Long story short, it cost over $2,500.00 to replace the PVC piping under the bathroom sink and the kitchen garbage disposal.  If our Tulsa man would have called Greg at SAS plumbing, it would have been 1/4 of that or less. /Gary

What is the best buy or product choice for my residential roof?

For most budget conscience customers, the architectural shingle seems to be the best choice, it is reasonably priced, has a good material warranty from the manufacturer, and withstands the high winds in Oklahoma better than the 3-tab shingle. Metal is also a good choice but they are 2 to 4 times the cost of the architectural. /Gary

Why do my asphalt shingles constantly have wind damage and need repair?

I would say in 90% of the time, the shingles were installed improperly. Most roofers have not been trained to install shingles properly. They usually place the roofing nail too high on the shingle and miss the factory nail line and this will almost always result in shingle blow-offs. If the nail is too low, the nail is exposed and will result in leakage down the road. All of our craftsman are properly trained and each roof is inspected prior to invoicing. /Gary

How in the world do I understand my insurance claim?

I have been involved with dozens of insurance companies and thousands of claims over the years and I will be glad to help you understand and decipher the insurance company language and math.

Just a note of interest: There are hundreds of insured who lose out on thousands of dollars because they never claim there recoverable depreciation, we always make it a point to help you get the recoverable if you are due one. Not all claims have a recoverable but a lot do. /Gary

Are Cupolas and Weathervanes available from RSI?  

Yes, there is a cupola and rooster weathervane on our office at 524 S. Hafner and I have the same on my house at 1709 W. 3rd. Stillwater. When I get time, I will build a cupola and weathervanes category on this web site. /Gary

Do we do home and roof inspections?

I did go to the home inspection school but then I decided that I was NOT going to crawl under houses with spiders, snakes, and skunks – so I only do roof inspections… no spiders, snakes or skunks.

I was in the country this summer measuring a roof, looked up and there were 4 vultures overhead flying in circles, probably waiting for me to fall off. /Gary

Poor Time Management

Our superintendent Mark Cline just gave me his views on productivity and time management.

“A man that has no time for fishing, is a man that has poor time management. ” / Gary

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